Art On The Floor?

Art On The Floor?

Unconventional Art Placement: Beyond the Walls


Your home is more than just an empty art gallery, and your art doesn't have to be confined to blank walls. The beauty of art lies in its versatility and ability to enhance various spaces. Consider these tips for showcasing art in alternative places:

  1. Lean In Style: Large framed pieces of art can exude a stylish, laid-back vibe when leaned against a wall. Choose a location that avoids high-traffic areas where accidental bumps could occur.

  2. Out of Reach: If your household includes energetic children or playful pets, it's wise to keep valuable art out of their immediate reach. Try leaning one or stacking a few pieces of framed art against the wall on top of drawers or a fireplace mantel.

* To secure your artwork use blue tac or sticky tabs under the frame and behind the frame on the wall.

Embrace the freedom of art beyond the expected confines of conventional walls, and let your creativity flow into unexpected spaces within your home. 


Gold antique frame and vintage art print.


Vintage art print, vintage leather sofa.
Vintage art print. Greek statue head artist sketch
Brown chesterfield sofa and vintage artist sketch.
Paris apartment. Vintage art print. Statue of venus.
Vintage art print. Ancient greek statue head.
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