Paris apartment

5 Essentials For Parisian Style Decor

If you find yourself obsessing over photos of the classic Paris apartment, you are not alone. The allure of a chic Parisian-style decor lies in its effortless mix of classic and modern elements. Surprisingly, achieving this sophisticated look is a straightforward process. There are five elements that make up the classic Parisian apartment.


1. Classic architectural details. This means coving/cornice between your walls and ceilings. Wall panelling ( you can do this yourself if you love a bit of DIY), and a ceiling rose really adds a chic finishing touch. You don't need all of these things just choose which suits your home.

Paris apartment

Image via Micah & Co.  

Image via Architectural Digest.



2. Wood Floors. Parquet flooring or chevron style wood floors will give you the most Parisian look.






3. A fireplace and antique mirror. You don't need a working fireplace you just need a mantle, you can buy an antique fireplace and attach it to the wall. Next you want a large antique mirror.


Image from Art House Antiques.


Image via Kasha Paris


Image via Kasha Paris



4. Lighting. Either a classic chandelier and modern lamps or modern lighting throughout. Minimalist, modern lamps or wall lighting always look great in this style home.


Image via Casa Vogue.

 Image via Art House Antiques.


5. Eclectic Decor. We love the combination of modern furniture and antique pieces. Google your area + antique market and hopefully you'll find something close. For that finishing touch add in some classic vintage art prints (and obviously we have the part covered!) Head HERE for a selection of the vintage art prints. 


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